A Constituent Unit of NCERT, New Delhi

Under Ministry of Education, Govt. of India


Personal Information

Name Mr. Tanmoy Karunamoy
Designation Laboratory Assistant in Physics
Qualification M.Sc.(Physics), M.A in Education
Email tanmoykarunamoy869@gmail.com
Phone No. 09438504096
Specialization  Electronics & Communication, Teaching and Research in Physics, Development of Science Activities





  • Ultrasonic investigation in ternary mixture-diethyl ether(DEE) in n-butanol and carbon tetrachloride, T. Karunamoy, S. K. Dash,S. K. Nayak, & B. B. Swain.: International Journal of Physics, Vol. 4(2) (2011) 101-111.
  • Evaluation of Dielectric Parameters of Hydrogen Bonded Complexes using Huysken-Craco, Palit and Onsager’s Methods – tri-n-butyl Phosphate (TBP) with Alipatic Alcohols, S.K. Dash, T. Karunamoy, B. Dalai and B.B. Swain, Indian Journal of Physics, Vol. 86(2) (2012) 45
  • Thermo-Acoustic Studies on Ternary Mixtures of Methyl Iso-Butyl Ketone (MIBK), Acetyl Acetone (HAA) and Butanols with Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4): T. Karunamoy, S.K. Dash, S.K. Nayak and B.B. Swain, Journal of Acoustical Society of India, Vol.38(3) (2011) 126-139.
  • Thermoacoustic Studies in Hydrogen-bonded Systems of Ternary Mixtures of Acetyl Acetone (HAA) and n-butanol with Carbontetrachloride: T. Karunamoy, S.K. Dash, S.K. Nayak and B.B. Swain, Orissa Journal of Physics, Vol. 18(1) (2011) 67-78.

Books & Books Chapter:

  • Fundamental Research and Application of Physical Science, Assement of dielectric parameters of hydrogen bonded complex:tri-n-butyl phosphate(TBP) with aliphatic alcohols using Huysken-Craco , Palit and Onsaner’s methods, S.K. Dash, T. Karunamoy,B.Dalai, B. B. Swain: B.P International.(2023)

National/International conferences attended

  • International Conference on Nano Technology & ultrasound, Sr.Joseph’s college ,Tirchirappalli, , january(12-14) (2011).
  • National Symposium on Acoustics (NSA-2010) at P.G Autonomous college , Rishikesh (Dehradun) & Acoustical Society of India ,Nov.11-13(2010)


Studies on non-linear thermo – acoustic and dielectric physic-chemical properties of blended commercial nuclear extractants used in atomic energy industry. No. PSO-019/2010-2011 (ERO) supported by UGC, India (Completed).







Other Information

  1. Interest in Outdoor Games such as Football, Cricket, Kabadi and Lawn Tennis.
  2. Interest in Indoor Games such as Chess, Carom Board, Ludo and Playing Cards.

Contributions :

  1. Maintained all Physics Laboratory in Physics
  2. Maintained the Educational Resource Room
  3. Oriented B.Sc.B.Ed. Students from 1st year to 4th years on how to conduct the experiment in the Laboratory.
  4. Demonstrated all the experiments of Physics Laboratory before the B.Sc.B.Ed. of Students.
  5. Involved in the University Practical Exam on Physics in all Semester and B.Sc.B.Ed Students