A Constituent Unit of NCERT, New Delhi

Under Ministry of Education, Govt. of India


Zoology Lab

The department of Education in Science and Mathematics’ (DESM) Zoology Section features two labs: the Zoology Laboratory (general) and the biology museum. The laboratory is well equipped to facilitate the students to conduct various practical related to animal physiology, biochemistry, developmental biology, histology, cytology and animal biodiversity studies etc. Students are guided to use the instruments present here. Besides we have a good collection of permanent slides both articulated and non-articulated bones of different vertebrates, available for student practical classes. The biology museum has a large number of both animal and plant preserved specimens, stuffed animals, models of organs and organ systems of animals. These facilitate the students to study the taxonomy of animal Kingdom, and students are also motivated to collect animals and to preserve those in museum.
1. PH meter
2. Colorimeter
3. Sphygmomanometer
4. Microtome
5. Binocular Compound Microscope
6. Trinocular research Microscope
7. Stereoscopic microscope
8. Compound microscope
9. Magnifying glasses (built in System)
10. Electronic digital balance
11. Hot air Oven
12. Spectrophotometer
13. Centrifuge
14. Water bath
15. Induction
16. Ice box
17. Specimens of different phylum
18. Human Skeleton
19. Bones of Vertebrates (Articulated and non- articulated)
20. 20 Permanent slides of specimens of different phylum of invertebrates, vertebrate(Pisces, Amphibians, Reptiles, Aves and Mammals), cytology, histology, physiology etc
21. 21 Comparative anatomy charts of brain. Digestive system, heart, respiratory system and besides this a wide variety of other species of invertebrates, vertebrates, different organ systems are also present.