A Constituent Unit of NCERT, New Delhi

Under Ministry of Education, Govt. of India


Chemistry Lab

The laboratories of chemistry section are well equipped with instruments and apparatus to cater to the needs of conducting practical classes of IV year integrated B Sc B Ed students and II Year B Ed students.

In physical laboratory experiments such as spectroscopic analysis of chemicals for identification and concentration is carried out; and for the purpose the laboratory is equipped with a spectrophotometer of UV and visible range. Other experiments like study of rate of reaction and saponification value of esters and oils are also carried out by the students in the lab.

Experiments for the study of optical activity of sugars and other chemicals are also carried out by the students in the lab. So the lab is provided with polarimeters. The lab is equipped with other instruments like microprocessor based conductivity bridges, ph meters and potentiometers for finding out conductivity and ph of chemicals and solutions and strength of solutions. To carry out experiments like chromatography ,instruments like hot airovens are also provided to the labs in addition to high speed centrifuges.

Inorganic lab has equipments such as vacuum pump, hot air ovens and digital balances for gravimetric analysis of compounds are carried out.