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Profile of Prof. S. K. Dash

S. K. Dash
Name : Prof. S. K. Dash
Department : Department of Education in Science & Mathematics (DESM)
Designation : Professor,Head Department of Education and Extension DEE
Qualification : M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D. (Physics)
Area of Specialization : Electronics,Condenced matter Physics,Dielectrics,Ultrasonics and Science Education

Professional Experience:

1.Taught Electronics, Electrodynamics and Fiber Optics,Laser,Super conductivity for 32 years in Undergraduate Level . 

2.20 Years Research Experience in the Area of Experimental Condensed matter Physics viz. Dielectrics, Ultrasonic, Chemical Physics,Super   Conductivity and Nano composites. 

Brief History of Career:

1. In College Service prior to Join in NCERT Service – 19 Years.
2. In DSM, NCERT, New Delhi – 3 Years.
3. In RIE, Bhubaneswar – 10 Years.

Member of Professional Society

1. Life Member of Acoustical Society of India.
2. Life Member of Odisha Bigyan Academy
3. Member of Odisha Physical Society
4. Member of RMSA Cell, RIE, Bhubaneswar


Published 103 Research Papers in various National/International Journals
Conference/Workshop/Short Term Course/Training Programme Organized: 
At NCERT, New Delhi involved in:
1.   Text Book writing of Class IX – Science,Class X - Science, Class XI - Physics and Class XII - Physics.
2.   Development of Lab. Manual in Physics for Class XI and Class XII.
3.   Design and development of concept based experiments and activities at Higher Secondary Stage.
4.   2nd Jawaharlal Neheru National Children’s Science Exhibition held at Raipur, Jharkhand.
5.   Training Programme of KRPs for KVS and NVS in Physics at Higher Secondary Level.
6.   Orientation programme of Lab. Staffs of North Eastern states.
7.   Orientation Programme of KRPs of West Bengal Board Madrasha education.
8.   Wokshop on quick review of NCERT Text Books at Higher Secondary Stage.
9.   Orientation Program of KRPs on science at Secondary on the basis of NCF 2005.
10. Orientation Program of Master Trainers in Physics of CBSE  schools at Higher Secondary Stage.
11. Training of Teachers belonging to SC/ST in Physics for Higher Secondary stage at RIE, Mysore.
At RIE, Bhubanswar involved in:

1. Workshop on Curriculum study of West Bengal State by RMSA Team at Kolkata.
2. Orientation program in Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS) for Secondary Level Tribal Teachers on Science.
3. Capacity Building Program in Science and Mathematics for secondary stage Teachers of Bihar under RMSA at Patna, Bihar.
4. RMSA – TCA, NCERT and NUPEA conducted base line study on school performance development and management in the secondary schools of Odisha.
5.  Regional workshop on academic support to states and UTs in CCE Implementation at NCERT, New Delhi.
6.  RMSA – TCA and NCERT study on teacher management in secondary schools of Odisha.
7.  Workshop on class room processes tools at NCERT.
8.  3 months Field Visit at JNV, Khurda, Odisha.
9.  Development of working models for secondary level on Science for Tribal Schools of Odisha.
10. Training of KRPs of Bihar on working models of Science at Secondary level in the light of NCF-2005.
11. Training Program of Secondary Science Teachers of DAV Public School of Patna Zone at Gaya.
12. Regional Level sharing meeting on Quality of Elementary Education under SSA.
13. Training of Master Trainers of KVS, NVS and CBSE affiliated Schools on new Text Books developed by NCERT following NCF-2005.
14. Training of Teachers for Teaching Science and Mathematics at Secondary Stage of Sikkim State.
15. Visioning and Planning residential workshop at Maneswar, Haryana.
16. Capacity Building Program for SCERTand SIE faculty in conducting Achievement Survey at NCERT, New Delhi.
17. Training Program on Development of Secondary School Curriculum for KRPs of West Bengal.
18. Training of SC / ST Teachers on Physics at Higher Secondary Level in Sainik School, Tiliya, Jharkhand.
19. Training of KRPs in Teaching Science at Secondary Level for Bihar State.
20. Design and Development of Senior Physics Lab Kit for Class XI at Workshop Department, NCERT, New Delhi.
22. Development of Secondary Science Kit with Manual at Workshop Department,NCERT, New Delhi.
23. Development of Upper-Primary  Science Kit with Manual at Workshop Department, NCERT, New Delhi.
24. Development of Teachers Hand Book on Science for Jharkhand State.
25. Planning and Implementation of two months Internship in Teaching for 2 yearB.Ed Course.
26. Planning and Implementation of one month Internship in Teaching for 4 year integrated B Sc - B Ed Course.
27. Development of Instructional Materials on Hard-Spots in Teaching-Learning of Science at Secondary Level
28. Training Program of KRPs on development of Hand book in Science at Secondary Level.
Research Paper Published:

1.Studies on binary mixtures of tri-n-butyl phosphate and alcohols: Proceedings of the DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, Vo. 31C (1988) 85.

2.Interaction in Binary Liquid Mixtures of Carbon tetrachloride and Benzene in TBP from Acoustic and Thermodynamic Studies: Acta Ciencia Indica, Vol. XVII, 4 (1991) 321.

3. A R-F resonance technique for Measurement of Dielectric Constant of Liquids: Chemistry Education (India), Vol.  9(2) (1992) 51-55.

4. Dielectric Studies on Binary Mixtures of Tri-n-butyl Phosphate (TBP) and Long-chain Primary Alcohols (Modifiers):   Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 32 (1993) 2753-2756.

5. Study of Solute-Solvent Interaction in a Binary system-Tri-n-butyl Phosphate (TBP) with nonpolar solvent-Using Dielectric Measurement: Acta Ciencia Indica, Vol. XIX, (4) (1993) 79-82.

6. Evaluation of Linear Correlation factor in Dilute Binary Mixtures: Alcohols and Amines with non-polar solvents: Journal of Molecular Liquids (Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. Amsterdam), 55 (1993) 137-143.

7. Dielectric Studies on Binary Mixtures of Tri-n-butyl Phosphate in non-polar Solvents: Acta Chimica Hungarica (Models in Chemistry),131(6) (1994) 799-808.

8. Investigation on Molecular interaction in Binary Liquid Mixtures-Tri-n-butyl Phosphate with Polar and Nonpolar Liquids Using Viscosity and Ultrasonic Parameters:  (Slovak Academy of Sciences) 48(3) (1994) 146-150.

9. Ultrasonic Studies in the Binary Mixtures of Tri-n-butyl Phosphate (TBP) with Propanol and Butanol: Journal of the Acoustical Society of India, Vol. XXII (1) (1994) 76.

10. Dielectric studies on binary mixtures of methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) in non-polar solvents: Indian Journal of Chemical Technology Vol. 1 (1994) 230-232.

11. Molecular Interaction in Binary Mixtures of Tri-n-butyl Phosphate (TBP) and Aliphatic Alcohols-Effect of Free Volume and Internal Pressure: Physics Chemistry of Liquids (Gordon and Breach Science Publishers) 29 (1995) 229-235.

12. Dipolar interaction of Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate (TBP) with some mono-substituted Benzene-Mutual Correlation parameter and Excess Molar Polarization Indian National Science Academy, 61A (2) (1995) 85-88.

13. Molecular Interaction in Binary Mixtures of TBP with Benzene and Carbon Tetrachloride-Effect of Free Volume and Internal Pressure: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Vol. 2(1) (1995) 20-23.
14. Molecular interaction in a Polar-Polar system-Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) and Primary Alcohols-Dielectric Measurement: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol.64(7) (1995) 2636-2641.
15. Dielectric properties of binary mixtures of polar liquids-amines in n-Butanol: Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences, Vol. 7(2) (1995) 162-167.