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Profile of Mr. P.K.Rai

Name : Mr. P.K.Rai
Department : Establishment Section
Designation : Section Officer
Qualification : B.A Economic(Hons.),M.A P-1(completed)
Email : pkrai1971@gmail.com
Phone No. : 9778107572


Brief History:

 Experience    :

1. Joined NCERT  at RPDC, Kolkata as L.D.C. . It was just a Business House type working experience dealing with                                      NCERT BOOKS production, sales, meeting projected target of sales, executing purchase orders and deals with the Wholesale Agents of the Eastern India, advertisement and marketing of NCERT publications through sales counter, by participating regularly in one of the most prestigious Kolkata Book Fair in addition to book fairs in the Eastern part of the states. Also, carried surprise Inspection of the Wholesalers as well as retailers dealing with sales of NCERT Publications. The continuous demand of NCERT publications in the market kept us motivated.  It was an amazing experience while being associated with RPDC of NCERT and the bottom line is that, the whole aspect of NCERT’s business was under the Tag line “No Profit No Loss”.

 2. Appointed as Junior Accountant at RIE (NCERT), BBSR.  Suddenly, the nature of work transformed to dealing with finance and budget. Preparation of budget for the Institute, Compilation of Accounts of Receipt and Expenditure, Banking ( withdrawal and deposits), daily clearing of bills for payments, facing the Internal(NCERT) as well as other Agencies eg. AGCR Inspection Audit Party.
 3. Appointed as Senior Accountant at RIE(NCERT), BBSR. The responsibility increased being a supervisory post but enjoyed executing my duties. Participated as a member of the Internal NCERT Audit Party for Inspection at NERIE, Shillong, RCPD, Kolkata & RIE, Mysore.  
 4. Appointed as Security Supervisor at RIE (NCERT), BBSR.  The nature of work again turned towards Legal Aspects. My work was associated with Law Advocates, Administrative Experts, Commissioners and attended hearings on behalf of the Institute at Tribunals, Labour Commissioners, local P.S. etc.  apart from safety and security inside the Institute Campus. It was a different experience.
5. Appointed as Section Officer at RIE (NCERT), BBSR.  The nature of work  deals with the Establishment and Administration of the office system. Recruitment, promotion, transfer, conducting Interviews, high level DPC and Screening Committee meetings. Meeting the queries under RTI and Parliamentary Questions in a scheduled time period.
Hobbies            :  
Playing (Outdoor & indoor) Games is one of my dearest hobbies. Since joining NCERT, regularly participated in the Annual NCERT Staff Tournaments. Other hobbies are such as following current affairs, speed driving,  cleanliness, listening to old and meaningful songs, watching comedy shows, gardening, participating in the community and social work and always eager to help the genuine & needy person.
Extra information:
Always sincerely devoted to any work assigned to me and to uphold the motto and interest of the Organization.
                                                         “ PADHO   BHARAT     BADHO   BHARAT”